Professional Residential Moving Services protects Floors And Carpets While Moving

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Moving to a new place is definitely exciting. But carrying belongings and furniture along is a crazy thing you need to consider. Anyway if you manage to hire local transporters, they won’t help you pack supplies to reduce your stress. And this can create bigger problems than you think. When you move furniture by yourself, there is a high chance of leaving scratches on the floor which buyers might not love. And to avoid facing this situation hiring professional residential moving services is best for you. With 8 interesting ways, they make sure neither the floor nor the carpet gets damaged while moving. So delve inside to know the ways. 


8 Ways Residential Moving Services protects Floors And Carpets


  • No Dragging


Do you usually drag furniture and home appliances while moving to a new place? Well, you are committing the biggest mistake that won’t just create scratch on your floor but severely damage it to call home renovators. On the other hand, professional and residential moving companies always avoid dragging heavy furniture to prevent floor or carpet damage.


  • Furniture Blankets


Floor scratches and carpet damages generally occur when the furniture you are moving has pointed edges. And that’s why professionals use the best quality furniture blankets while furniture with sharp edges. Furniture blankets are thick cushions-like wrappers that provide extreme safety to both furniture and the floor. Plus, furniture blacks make moving furniture easier, which lowers the risk of floors or carpet damage.


  • Box Reinforcement 


Other than assuring the safety of the moving supplies, proper packaging also plays an important role in preventing floor damage. And that’s why professional residential moving services use advanced packing methods to provide comprehensive safety to both floors and furniture. In this matter, professionals use wrapping quality tape, styrofoams, and many more. 


  • They Use Furniture Sliders


Do you know what makes professional moving companies so potent in saving floor and carpet damage while moving? Utility tools like furniture sliders. There is barely anything as helpful and effective as this gadget when it comes to moving heavy things. And that’s why most residential movers keep them in their arsenal to make moving easy.


  • Rubber-Wheel Dolly


Furniture sliders might be very effective for moving heavy home appliances but not more than rubber-wheel dollies. Dollis are some of the simple yet most interesting moving tools professional residential moving services use. Not only are they easy to handle but also reliable in carrying a high limit of weight. Professional movers usually use them to move centerpieces, stools, big boxes, and other small furniture. 


  • Shoe Covers 


If you think just the sharp and pointed edges of furniture cause floor damage then you are very wrong. Sometimes shoes create minor to major damage to carpets making them less presentable. And that’s why professionals prefer using shoe covers that avoid contentious friction reducing damage to carpets. Another benefit of using shoe covers, they give extra strength in carrying loads.


  • Plastic film


One of the best presentations professional residential moving services take to assure carpet safety is plastic firm. These are some of the most advanced carpet protection methods that won’t just solve the damage issue but also make moving and sliding easy. In this process, professionals cover the entire floor to prevent friction between carpet and furniture. As a result, you will get a stress-free move without a single bit of scratch. 


  • Use Carpet Removal


Last and another effective way of protecting carpets while moving is carpet removal. Professionals mostly use this way when people are okay with floor scratches. Though this is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure no damage to the carpet is not the best because it can damage the floor of your home.


Scratched floors and torn carpets are some of the issues of moving furniture without taking proper precautions. Not following proper precautions won’t just damage your home interior but make it look poor to attract buyers. So make sure to hire professional residential moving services to get a smart facility that protects your carpet and floors from damage. So call us now to get advanced Logistic Services along with Sub Contracting, Junk Removal Services, and Storage Facilities. Also read more blogs on topics like moving companies South Africa, small moving companies in Johannesburg, and residential moving companies in our blog section.

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