Six Things To Consider Before An Office Relocation

office relocation

Moving an office is a laborious task that involves several factors that must taken into account, like moving employees, expensive electronic equipment, machinery, and more. Smooth and trouble-free office relocation requires extensive planning and preparation because it might affect your business. However, you can divide moving an office into manageable tasks to make the process quick and easy.


Here are the six best things  you can do before an office relocation 


Let’s explore this blog till the end to find out the 11 important considerations that help you break down this tedious job into small tasks.

  • Sort Your Items And Pack The Necessary Ones


When you are planning to move into a new place, first you need to sort your office supplies and discard the most unnecessary ones. This will help you stay organized and get rid of unnecessary items, which will save your pocket. This will further keep your new office premises congestion-free! By organizing and sorting your belongings, you can also make your Office Relocation task less tedious.

  • Take suggestions from the stakeholders and formulated a detailed move plan 


The backbone of any organization is its stakeholders, so you must let your investors know about your relocation plans. Stakeholders include members of the board, department heads, employees, partners, and clients. Involve all of your stakeholders and make a thorough plan for the office relocation. To inform the stakeholders, you can send them a thorough email, write a newsletter, or host a town hall. Keeping the stakeholders informed will help avoid any complications in the future.

  • Hiring the right moving crew 


Office relocation involves hiring a skilled moving crew to move, pack, and safely transport your valuable assets to your desired location. Before hiring a moving team, you must undergo a detailed investigation into the moving company you want to hire. You can also talk to the previous customers of the selected company to get feedback about their services.


Additionally, you might need to relocate or change the Internet, phone, or any other service you have leased. Ask if they can continue their services in your new office by contacting them and informing them of the move. If you fail to get these services it’s better to look for a new one.

  • Arrange insurance


It is crucial that you arrange for moving or relocation insurance when moving your company to a new location. Your belongings will be safe while being transported or stored because you are moving or relocating. Unexpected occurrences during the moving process can occur, including damage, theft, fires, and natural disasters. Therefore, having insurance guarantees that your possessions safeguarded or that you compensated in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe.

  •  Dismantle all items before the move.


Before moving your office, it’s also essential to disconnect or detach all electronic devices from the power source, including computers, phones, security cameras, and other gadgets. This will help ensure that the goods delivered safely. Additionally, it will guarantee that each item taken apart safely and correctly.

  •  Prepare a checklist for the new office facility


During an office move, make sure to create a checklist for the new space which must have everything you and your staff will need. Include things like enough workstations, parking spots, security, restrooms, cafes or canteens, power outlets, charging stations, and other amenities on your checklist.


Office moving is a difficult task that takes weeks of planning and preparation to complete successfully. And these above-mentioned points will enable you to relocate your office without any kind of hassle. and if you find this blog useful then do visit our official website of linarich today and read more blogs on Office Moving, Office Removal, Office furniture moving companies, Best Logistics Services



  • What is the time frame for moving an office?


Although you can begin the process a year in advance, we advise starting no later than six months before the move. Before the movers arrive to load everything up, there is a lot of work to be done. For local moves, it may take up to a day to complete the actual move. It depends on how many miles your possessions will have to travel over a long distance, which could take several days.

  • What is involved in an office move?


A simple office move involved detailed planning and organizing of the job, or in simple words, breaking the whole job into small tasks so that you can relocate to a new place by saving both time and energy.

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