8 Things You Must Keep in Mind While Moving Home Furniture

Moving Home Furniture

Want to make your move easy and convenient? Well, then you must not wait for your movers to knock your door. Following some easy steps, you can keep your furniture ready and save some time for yourself on your moving day. And that’s why today we decided to disclose 10 things to follow while moving home furniture all alone. So don’t ignore reading this entire blog.


8 Things To Follow While Moving Home Furniture Alone


Take Suggestion From Professionals 

Although the whole concept of preparing furniture before moving is a job to handle alone, it’s better if you follow instructions from professionals before pushing out a single piece of furniture. 


Small suggestions and instructions can help you to have a flawless moving experience. First of all, queue your furniture according to their size, weight, and durability. This would ultimately help professionals to lift and load them conveniently without wasting an extra minute. 


Plot Out Your Moving

Flaws are a regular factor you might come across while moving home furniture, unless you plot your moving. Plotting actually helps you to prepare your furniture load in the trucks. Even it makes your moving process easier. 


So figure out exactly what furniture you will be moving and also look for potential dangers like icy outdoor stairs or potholes. Otherwise, the safety of your furniture would be in question. 


Protect From Small Corners

When you carry your furniture from the second floor to your front door, there can be a lot of congested corners that can make your moving miserable. And that’s why you must always try removing molding from such doorways to help yourself out. 


Removing the molding on the doorway will help create extra space to maneuver and help avoid potential damage to the doorway. Even covering furniture in Quilted Pads can also help you to protect doorways.


Use Furniture Sliders


Sliders are undoubtedly an amazing tool to carry big and heavy furniture. And you must use such things to roll out heavy furniture before your move. Even a professional mover would recommend you to use this tool while you are handling it alone. 


Furniture sliders made of metal can be reliable to carry heavy furniture. Moreover, you can also make moving home furniture easy and convenient.


Use the L and Rotate Method 


Ever wondered how to carry chairs and sofas out of small doorways? Well, there is an effective way following which you can easily remove them and help yourself. 


With the help of the L and Rotate technique, you can easily remove Large chairs and sofas from your room. You just need to market your chair “L” And then slowly rotate clockwise to escape out. 


Get Personal Protective Equipment


Before moving home furniture all alone always get personal protective equipment on. With personal protective equipment, you can protect yourself from personal hazards and other injuries that can cause due to heavy furniture moving. 


Protective items like Heavy-Duty Work Gloves can keep your fingers and hands from getting cut during the moving process.


Be Ready With Lifting Straps 


Want to lift furniture like professionals? Well, there is one answer, just use lifting straps like professionals. Products like the Forearm Forklift Moving Straps not only make it much easier to move furniture, but they can also make it much safer!


Take off the legs of chairs and couches


Moving home furniture becomes two times easier when you try moving the legs of big and heavy furniture. This eventually does not just help you to get the extra inch or two required to fit through narrow doorways but also creates extra space in the loading truck to fit more objects.


Though you can easily move your home furniture following these steps, at the same time you can also double your stress with these processes. So sometimes it is better to depend on professional movers.


Not to mention, they would be more prominent in their work than anybody else. Now if you want the help of a professional moving help from our Linarich Transportation & Logistics company in South Africa who can serve you furniture moving services, Junk Removal Services, Packaging Services, Office Moving, and many more. To get quotes on Long Distance Movers visit our website.

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