What Is The Difference Between Transportation And Logistic Services?

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The words ‘transportation’ and ‘logistics’ might stand alongside the commercial sector, but they differ in meaning. And that’s where most of you might get confused! Though these two services appear quite similar, there is a fine line that sets logistic services apart from transportation. And here we are going to clear the fog for you in this blog. 


What Are Logistic Services?


Logistic services, in general, are the facility of obtaining, producing, and delivering materials and commercial goods. It is basically a process of preparing and delivering a product from a production firm to the market using the latest techniques and methodologies.


Logistics basically includes planning, implementation, and management of goods that need to be delivered to the market. Suppose you are running a sanitary pad company, a logistics agency would pack the products in segments, wrap a pile and store them in a warehouse to make timely delivery. 


How Do Logistics Differ From Transportation?


To understand how logistic service can differ from transportation service, first, you need to understand the meaning of transportation service. Well, transportation service is a facility for transporting goods, commodities, and products from one location to another, using different means of transportation like trucks, trains, ships, and planes. And that clears why transportation service is very different from logistic services


While a logistics services controls the entire supply chain of your business, a transportation service is a single part of business supply chain management. A professional transportation agency offers automotive and a pair of helpers to load products. Whereas a professional logistics agency won’t just offer you trucks, but an entire team of experts who would handle each product and delivery. 


4 Things Logistics Services Includes


  • Packaging: A professional logistics company directly receives products from the firm and packs them in bundles or piles. This completely depends on the product.


  • Warehousing: After packaging all commercial goods, a professional logistics agency warehouse the products to keep them safe against hazards. 


  • Groupage: Products need to be kept separated on their type, class, manufacturing date, and many other factors. And professional logistics providers conduct this operation after warehousing products.


  • Delivery: Lastly, a professional logistics company delivers products to the clients according to the orders. They also prepare an annual report on delivery to submit to you.



3 Main Types of Logistics


Logistic services are divided into three parts, freight forwarding, inventory management, and third-party logistics.


  • Freight Forwarding 


Freight Forwarding is a process of shipping commercial products and commodities via different hands. This means you use different modes of transportation and executives to deliver a product from one place to another. Suppose you have to deliver a garment product from South Africa to Malaysia. Professionals use all trucks, planes, and ships to deliver the products.


  • Inventory Management


Are you running an eCommerce business? Then this type of logistics service is the foremost need. Inventory management is a process of managing or regulating warehouses or warehouses to prepare the products for delivery. In this service, a professional logistics company. Individually assess your products then pack them to make the delivery.


  • Third-Party Logistics


Third-party logistics is logistics where you get limited logistics support or only facilities you need. In detail, by investing in this service you would get support in the wings that lack resources, technology, and any other elements. Suppose you have a large number of vehicles to carry a mass of products in the market, but don’t have a proper management system to allocate them accordingly. However, with third-party logistics, you can boost wings, growing your business. 


You might think transportation is just a synonym for logistics, it is basically a small part of enormous logistics services. And that concludes the difference between transportation and logistic service. So immediately contact us through our website to get Transportation & Logistics services along with Office Removal support, Moving & Storage, Sub Contracting support, Packaging Services, and Storage Facilities support.




What are logistics and their importance?


Logistics is an important element of a successful supply chain that helps increase the sales and profits of businesses. Because it deals with the production, shipment, warehousing, and delivery of products. 


What are the qualities of a good logistics company?


There are a total of 5 qualities that make a logistics agency professional. And they are experienced, dedicated, detail-oriented, Offer many services, and are time-oriented.

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