The Best Home Movers: Different Type Of Furniture And Their Moving Techniques Used By Professionals

best home movers

Be it a couch or a big centrepiece, each type of furniture has a unique moving technique. Moving different furnishings in a singular moving approach can lead to slits, chips, and cracks. That’s why the best home movers professionals use customised moving techniques relying on the furniture type. Let’s find out how!


Different Type Of Furniture And Their Moving Techniques Used By The Best Home Movers


  • Fold And Disperse


Modern furniture and home appliances are mostly made foldable for easy assembling and disassembling. And the best home movers, knowing this, fold and disperse them to make the move easy. 


Professionals first dismantle modular furniture to first them in a moving van. To ensure the safety of each piece, they pack and wrap them using A-grade wrappers and packaging materials.


  • High And Low Technique


The high and low moving technique is the most effective and reliable way to move different kinds of furniture. Professional movers commonly use this technique on wooden shelves and cupboards to make the move easy and effortless.


The high and low technique basically means holding furniture tilted instead of holding it vertically or horizontally. And using such a technique makes movement free and easier, especially around corners and stairs. 


  • Chair Hook


Big chairs and single couches are the hardest things to carry out while moving, especially when there are narrow doorways. But following the chair hook technique can make your residential move easy and time friendly. 


In this process, the best home movers hook a chair between the door frame in an “L” shape. Then they slowly curl it outside using a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion depending on the space of the corridor.


  • End-To-End Shoulder Dolly


Some furniture like big sofas or big centrepieces can’t be carried using ‘high and low’ or ‘chair hook’ techniques. For example, big furniture creates a huge gap between two movers, which could create obstacles in moving it, especially when there are narrow passageways and corners. That’s why professionals use end-to-end shoulder dollies in such circumstances. 


Here, two personnel hold furniture straight from one to another using a shoulder doll. This technique is proven best for spiral stair designs.


  • Furniture Strap


Moving becomes difficult when you have to deal with big and heavy home appliances, like huge chests and desks. While carrying these items, you can be exposed to the threats of physical injuries, making your move a mess. That’s why the best home movers prefer using furniture straps while carrying such things out of your home. This method makes the move safe for you besides making it hazard-free for your belongings.


  • Drag Out


The smartest way to move small stools, piano seats, centre tables, etc is dragging out. There is no doubt carrying each small piece of furniture and home appliance from your room to the truck is quite hectic. But dragging them out using a big blanket can make the process quick and effective. 


Many movers use more than one blanket to drag out the furniture from your premises. But some use a big sheet of fabric minted from blankets to keep them dust free.


A lot of homeowners often try to move their furniture alone to save their pocket. But little do they know that this can invite unnecessary trouble and hassle including unnecessary physical injury and product damage.  So it’s better to hire the best home movers like us for a safe and stress-free move. Contact us now through our official website to get the best Transportation & Logistics along with Office Removal service, Storage Service, Transportation & Logistics support, Sub Contracting support, Packaging Services, Storage Facilities, Delivery Services, Junk Removal Services, and the Best Logistics Services.




Why do I hire movers?


Professional movers are experienced and possess high knowledge in product management making them efficient. Many moving companies have inventory software in place to record which belongings are placed where.


How do movers move pianos?


To move heavy musical instruments like pianos, professionals conduct different steps. These involve, wrapping the piano, lifting it using modern tools, using a strap to hold the belongings, placing it on the dolly, using a ramp for the van, and lastly securing the piano in the van.

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