Ask These Before Hiring a Subcontracting Moving Company

Sub Contracting

Planning the entire move on your own may be exhausting, which is where a moving company can come in handy. The quality of services supplied by the sub contracting moving company will determine whether or not your relocation is successful. Some moving firms are incredibly dependable, while others may turn your relocation into a nightmare.

As a result, it is critical that you understand what questions you should be asking these movers before hiring them. This will assist you in weeding out a few poor apples and hiring the organization you believe is ideal for you. Here are some specific questions you should ask your movers before hiring them.

Has Your Business Completed The Essential Licensing Requirements?

All sub contracting moving companies are obliged to have specific documentation issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that will assist you in determining whether the company is legal and not a front for fraudulent operations.

The FMCSA is a government body that creates safety rules for commercial vehicle operators and keeps track of their safety performance. The fact that a firm has an FMCSA license does not guarantee that it will provide you with fair costs or high-quality services. It simply signifies that the firm is not a fraud and that it abides by federal regulations.

You don’t have to trust their words, you can verify their documents on government websites. 


Why Has Organization Title Was changed Multiple Times?

Avoid doing business with sun contracting moving companies that often alter their names. Some businesses avoid being audited by the Better Business Bureau by operating under alternative identities. Other businesses give themselves a name that is quite close to the name of a respected business.

They use this to deceive you into believing you are dealing with a trustworthy organization. You can inquire about the rationale behind their name change. Avoid hiring the false sub contracting moving company if their justification appears to be incorrect or dishonest.

What services does this company offer?

It would be a mistake to expect that a sub contracting moving company will provide all of the services that you require. Every company provides a distinct set or mix of services, and the majority of them specialize in one or more types of moves. It is possible that they may not supply a certain service that you are seeking. Here are some of the most typical services you may be looking for:

  •  Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Furniture assembling and disassembling
  • Cleaning service
  • Custom crafting
  • Transportation of very heavy objects like pianos
  • Shipping your vehicles
  • Temporary storage facilities

Can your company provide more than three positive reviews from your previous clients?

Request at least three recommendations from the firm. Make certain that these references are from previous consumers of the organization. You may then contact these references and inquire about their interactions with the organization. If the bulk of the references are positive, you’re fine to go!

  • How Long Has Your Company Been In Establishment?

If you hire a well-established and reputable organization, you can expect them to give high-quality service. They may, however, give you a larger estimate. This site does not advocate avoiding new firms. Its goal is to educate you that if you engage a freshly created firm, you should not always expect them to give a high-quality service because they may lack past expertise. On the other hand, you may anticipate them to charge you less for the transfer.

  • Will the company send someone for the in-house estimate?

As a consumer, you should always insist on the firm sending a representative to your home to receive an in-house estimate. Having your goods checked in-house will help you receive a fair and accurate estimate of the cost of your relocation.

  • Does your company use good quality packaging materials?

To save money, movers frequently reuse outdated boxes and containers. Check to see whether they are utilizing high-quality packing supplies if they are using fresh supplies. If your belongings are not adequately packed, they may be destroyed during the relocation. There is always a need for fresh and high-quality packaging materials.


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